Reasons I Love Fall

Pumpkins. Apple Cider. Big pots of soup on Sundays. Mums. Sweaters and light scarves. The sound of fallen leaves crunching under stroller wheels. College football. Oktoberfest beers. Cranberry orange scones. Crisp morning air. Tights and boots. Crock pots. Tailgates. Corduroy. Roasted vegetables. Zucchini bread. The color brown. Leaves burning. BBQ in the cool evening. Spiced lattes in warm coffee shops. Red wine in big glasses. An extra layer. Little ghosts. Candles. New books. Taking advantage of every last minute outside.

Fall is almost here. I'm happy.


Windtraveler said...

This just made me want to put on tights and boots and take a stroll with a steaming cup of cider while bundled in my fuzzy, cozy sweater!! Yay fall!

Kari said...

All of that sounds so good right now!