Baby Lambs

When we were in Wisconsin last weekend we went to a little petting zoo at the local garden store. You know our little guy is a bit obsessed with farm animals, right? He really wanted to see baby lambs and told us so again and again and again. I shared the good news that we'd get to see them.

So, we walk up to a pen with sweet little furry babies jumping around....

Lisa (in high pitched voice): "William, baby lambs! Matt, get him in there. They're so cute. Awww, look at the baby lambs. William, look! Do you see them? Aren't you excited? Baby lambs!"

Matt: "Um, Lisa, they're goats."


Windtraveler said...

they look like lambs to me!! lol. awesome.

Josh said...

Reason #5,712 that Lisa and Matt are awesome.