My P90X Journey Begins

Today I started P90X. My sister has been following it in preparation for her wedding and said she has seen better results from this than any other workout she's done. And she just so happened to have an extra copy since the packaging was totally busted when she received it and they sent her a new copy, telling her to get rid of the old copy. Wasteful, right?

Well, I can't let a good workout plan go to waste, so offered to kindly take it off of her hands. Ok, so maybe she had to bug me about it a few times and I was a little too scared to initially jump at the opportunity. But, here I am. One day down. So that makes it P89X now, right? (OK, so I don't really even know what P90X stands for, to be honest.)

Here are some lessons for Day One:

1. The trainer on the video (Tony) is incredibly annoying and likes to refer to the people working out with him and his at-home followers as "kids" or even better "boys and girls." He also likes to mention how good looking he is and how much better he is than anyone else when it comes to fitness, but he has to teach the moves and make sure that no one else cheats so he can't prove it... And, oooh, even better... He likes to cross his arms in front of his chest to make an "X" when trying to really show you how to live and workout "X" style. Not kidding. I kinda want to stab him.

2. I am pretty much unprepared for what I'll need for the workout. Day #1 called for a pull up bar. Um, really? My house is like 1,300 square feet and somehow when they built it in the 1950's they forgot to include the home gym. So, I improvised with bands this morning. I can't wait to see what else I'll be missing for future work outs. One might think that I would go through all the information they sent, which I'm sure specifies, but why bother, I'd rather be surprised.

3. Carving out an hour a day is going to be a little difficult, but it's not impossible. Obviously easier on the days I work from home and weekends, but I'll figure it out.

4. Bridesmaid dresses are really good inspiration to take off the remaining post baby extras that I have so lovingly been clinging to since the little guy was born. Seriously, it's time.

I'll try to include mention of how P90X is going at least once a week... Good motivation to keep it up.


Free Exercises said...
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Stacey / The Mom Renewal Project said...

I have a bridesmaid dress that I need to wear in public at the end of June - it is great motivation. Have you considered joining the #Mamavation sistahood? I'm been involved for the past few months - it's great online motivation and accountability.

Lisa Hanneman said...

Thanks, Stacey, I'll look into it. Could use some mamavation, I'm sure.