First Get Together

Tonight was my first Moms Blog event for Chicago Moms Blog/SV Moms Group. It was hours of chatting, tasting, mom meeting, sponsor meeting, schwag accepting, and on and on. And, seriously, I'm tired. But, I gotta say, it's nice to go to events that I'm not managing. It's not often I'm on the other end of these things.

I'm just starting to get my feet wet in terms of blogging. I don't even have cards. Like most moms I didn't start this blog with huge intentions, just a way to keep friends and family involved in our lives... Oh yeah, and to keep myself sane and to not feel so bad for not filling in a baby book for William.

Met a lot of great, cool, smart women who I've grown to kinda know through their blogs and profile pictures, which is always cool. Wish I could get into all the details. There was a lot of stuff to think about. But first I have to get through all of this stuff that I walked out the door with:

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Serena said...

Plugging in my iGo right now! :)