Paralyzed By Our To Do List

I just sat down and wrote a quick to do list off the top of my head. I'd been feeling as if I was carrying a weight around and it was just starting to get too heavy. Turns out, the weight was a pile of stuff to do with no direction and no clear idea of what exactly has to be done.

So, here I am with a double-sided list. It's insane, but the good news is a couple of the items were contingent on the delivery of our tax return and we have it. This week we'll be able to start work on some outstanding home improvement issues. First on the list is painting the house (the barn red is starting to take on a more purple hue). If only we can agree on a color... (Item #22: Choose paint color for the house.)

If I owe you something, like a phone call, an email, a thank you note, a piece of writing, some money... You're on the list. And I'll get there, I just have a ton of things to cross off before I do.

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Windtraveler said...

Mmmmmm....painting the house...I see a nice, shade of greyish/slate blue...that'd be nice!
PS. my secret word is "undies" - that's funny.