P90X = Marriage Counseling

Day 2 and I've convinced Matt to join me on the P90X journey. At first he didn't think that all of my awesomely hilarious jokes were funny, but he came around. I mean, come on, we were doing plyometrics, which includes a ton of jumping... And let's just say that no amount of kegels will keep a mom from wetting her pants whilst performing plyometrics. Sorry to all of you who don't have kids, but consider this your warning: Jumping jacks will never be the same.

Anyway, it was pretty hard. The last time either of use did plyometrics was in high school, so let's just say it's been a long time... Even longer for Matt. (Kidding (but so true)).

What with his asthma and limited exercise time lately, Matt was kinda struggling at one point. In his defense, we had just gotten home from brunch where he enjoyed a delicious chorizo scramble. We could have waited to embark on our ass kicking work out, but agreed that nap meant go time. It was now or never -- Even with stomachs still full of breakfast.

Dialogue during said break:

Lisa: "Maybe you should lower your exertion level."

Matt: "Maybe I should lower my chorizo and eggs level."

And with that I explain why marriage counseling and P90X are pretty much the same thing. Both encourage communication and force us to consider and be responsible for our daily choices.

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