Our New Saturday Morning Ritual

We signed the little guy up for gymnastics class through the local park district and he totally loves it. Even better, we take him out for pancakes after his Saturday morning class, which he totally loves (as you may recall).

We forgot the camera the first week of class (seriously, we did). So, this week I snapped a few photos of him enjoying his favorite activities at gymnastics class:

Here he is on the trampoline. The teacher was impressed by his lack of fear the first week, as he bulldozed his way onto the trampoline. While we appreciate his moxie, it's distressing that he shows the same tendencies when it comes to the street. He practiced his trampoline moves all week, saying "Trampoline! Down, up, down, up." He doesn't have jumping down just yet, but the concept is there. (The lady on the trampoline is a teacher, not me. I know, the glasses and dark hair may have been misleading.)

And here he is in the foam block pit. His most favorite place in the gym, which also happens to be the most germ-filled place in the gym. He really prefers it when Mom and Dad are both in there with him, but I had to pass this week on account of being too grossed out after last week. But, man, he's having fun in there, isn't he?

How about those cheeks full of pancake? Pretty sweet, huh? The little guy thought so.

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Windtraveler said...

He is SOOO stinking CUTE! love that lil' chipmunk.