Crosstown Classic

Not too many boys can say that the first baseball game they attended was the Crosstown Classic, but lucky William now can lay his claim to this one. However, the penetrating sun and crazy heat forced us to seek some shade. After the first inning the little guy and I went into the club section, enjoyed the air conditioning, shared a burger, enjoyed a cold beer and formula (guess who had what), and made lots of friends. The biggest, burliest of Sox fans couldn't resist those cheeks! William worked the area until the 8th inning when it cooled off enough and our seats were shaded.

Sox won. Anthony suggested the winner determine which team will claim William as a fan. He and Kari made the same bet for their future children, but there is no way she will hold up her end of the bargain. Sounded good at the time, but now I'm not so sure, either. I think the Cubs colors suit William. Plus, we're officially Northsiders... Anyway, it was a fantastic game, Bill Murray was sitting in a box about ten feet from us, and we got to hang out with Kari and Anthony. William loved it, passed out by the end, and we got some great photos of the little guy hamming it up. (Not different from most days...)

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