...Sleep Training Continues...

Each day has been different. We feel totally drained, not due to our limited sleep, but because of the anxiety and stress of listening to William scream and wonder if we're doing the right thing. You see, Sunday morning was not good. After a fair amount of screaming in the middle of the night, our little guy woke up Sunday morning with swollen eyes and a bit of a scowl. He wouldn't make eye contact, and there was none of the smiling, laughing, or squealing that we're accustomed to every morning. We were freaked, even took him to the park at 6:30 am to see if some pushing in the swing would help. He cracked a tiny smile, but not much. We were convinced we'd broken his spirit and then our resolve started to break down. But, a couple of phone calls to good friends got us back on track.

It's been about four days now. Sometimes he fusses, sometimes he just rolls over and goes to sleep, and then there are the times that he screams like a maniac. We're still on edge. Any time William quiets down in his crib, we just sit waiting for a piercing scream. We're permanently speaking in a whisper, walking on tip toes. I can hear him screaming in my head, even when the monitor is quiet. Who would have thought that sleep training could bring on such anxiety and stress... Certainly not us.

We're hoping the worst is behind us. I stayed home from work yesterday so Grandma wasn't left to fend for herself. He did alright, limited screaming in the morning, lots of screaming in the afternoon, and mostly quiet at night. Hopefully it means we're almost there! Fingers crossed that it goes well for Grandma today. And his sweet smile, giggles, and squeals aren't broken by a little tough love.

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