Errands Make Me Want to Cry

I took today off for a doc appointment for the little guy and just sat down to make a list of other things I have to do. What I have is basically a list of all the places I hate to go. My plan is to do returns at Babies R Us and DSW. Then, hit the dry cleaner, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Costco, and Whole Foods. All around William's two naps and appointment. Anyone who knows me knows that all of the above places, except Whole Foods, turn me into a crazy woman. Hopefully I'm able to make it through alive and don't hurt anyone or ask to see too many managers (Babies R Us, I'm talking to you).

This is what happens when you put off all the things you don't like to do: You have to do them all at once. When you're a working mom and are left with Saturdays for these trips, weeks can go by before you build up the courage to deal with the masses. Too many Saturdays have gone by and I'm grabbing the bull by the horns and taking the weekday opportunity. Today may end up being just about the worst day ever or I may give up and find myself enjoying a chilled glass of white and some fresh pasta at The Noodle. Regardless, at least I get to spend it with the little guy.

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