...And Then There Are The Mornings You Spill A Bowl of Grease on Your Leg...

Scene: A small kitchen with really old appliances. A mother runs around the kitchen in heels and dress clothes. A grandmother sits next to a high chair feeding a one year-old child. The mother is running late and motions to grab the travel mugs. She yells to her husband in the other room.

Do you want coffee for the road?

Mother mutters to herself, decides against coffee for both of them. Husband walks into the kitchen and puts on his jacket. He has a hurried look about him as he checks the clock hanging on the wall and then the digital clock on the oven.

Mother notices the bowl of grease from the meatloaf Grandma made the night before. Mother doesn't care for meatloaf or most other baked meats. Grandma made it as a treat for the Husband, since the Mother was working late the night before. Mother motions to the bowl.

I don't want this to sit out all day.

Mother is hurried, tips the bowl in the slightest way to see if the grease has hardened. Meanwhile, she wants to gag. The grease breaks and pours out onto the leg of her pants and her shoe and all over the kitchen floor. Mother and Husband are already running 15 minutes late to leave for work.

Scene ends.

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