Olympics Reaction

I'm watching the Olympics announcement.

10:07 am: 3 minutes from the announcement time. I've been on the fence, mostly thinking it would be awesome to have the Olympics, but kinda feeling the concerns. But, I'm nervous. Like butterflies in the stomach nervous. Weird-o.

10:09 am: Voting starts in one minute. I really am nervous. Yay Chicago! I guess I do feel my hometown pride. Can't imagine the stress in Copenhagen.

10:13 am: Boring.... Number assignments seem strange. Chicago is 4 - is that a lucky number? Can you say anti-climactic...

10:17 am: These rules are boooorrrriiiinnngggg. Snore box. (I am obviously not one for fine print.)

10:20 am: I just realized W will be eight when the Olympics actually happen. Will we even live here? Will he have siblings?

10:23 am: Voting is closed.

10:25 am: WHAT?!?! Chicago was cut after Round 1?!?! Holy crap. The least number of votes? Oprah and Obama? The least number of votes?!?!


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Danielle said...

YEEEEEESH!!!! 8 years old huh?? yikes! I can't imagine our little W being 8 years old...and FYI sista, he WILL have siblings!!