Bye, Bye Chicago Summer....

It's the end of summer. If you're like me, you're excited for fall, but also wrestle with the nagging internal voice bugging you about everything you didn't get a chance to do, like go to the zoo or the pool. But, then I think of everything we did and I can feel pretty good about it.

First sail on Lake Michigan. Trips to Wisconsin and Michigan. Playing in the sand. Dipping in the lake. Wagner Farm. Lots of Farmer's Markets. First Cubs vs Sox game. First JDRF event. First street festival. Park visits. Muffins at Gilson Park. First wedding. Dined al fresco a lot. Lots of walks. Road trips.

So, there's always next year for the rest of the stuff on our summer to-do list. Now, we need to start ticking things off the fall list. This weekend we'll get one done: Visit Crain's Apple Orchard in Fennville, Michigan. Yessssss, we're off to Michigan!

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