Me Time and We Time

So, about last week... Remember? I was feeling all good about carving out "me time." My yoga nights. Gettin' my zen on. Well, about that...

You think you have it all figured out. Then there are those nights when you're running around, watching the clock to make sure you get there on time, planning on your "me time" and the little voice in your head says: NO. Maybe your son calls his grandma (your mom) "Mommy." Let's just use that one as an example. (A very realistic example.)

It could have been an accident, as my mom tried to convince me. It could have been the first and only time it has ever happened. I wish I could believe this, but I don't. And I realized I needed to skip "me time" and work in some "we time." We played, we went for a walk, we read some books, we tickled and giggled, we repeated "mommy" while pointing at me again and again.

Suddenly "we time" equaled "me time."

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Kari said...

So cute. You are doing a great job!