Potty Mouth

This weekend W ripped a picture out of his book and held it up. "Bear," I said. Slowly, he repeated this new word.

Last night he was dining on apples and eggs and I tried to very discreetly slip Howie a piece of apple under his tray. (We don't want W to get into the habit of throwing food on the ground or holding it out to Howie, so try not to let him see us do it or say no when he does.) I thought I pulled a fast one on the little guy, but a second later he picked up an apple and dropped it to the ground as well.

This morning when my mom came over, she picked him up and said "Good morning." His reply: "Goooo morneen."

The time has come for us to clean up our act... Our language needs to get better. We've decided that the choice, colorful four letter words or cringe-inducing phrases must be pulled from our speech. He's catching on too ####-ing fast!

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