Anna's B&B

We're frequent guests, so get a really good rate and the accommodations are wonderful. Complimentary dinner, a wonderful rain shower, fresh linens, comfortable beds, coffee in the morning... And there's even child care on site! The cost? Living with your parents... Again.

OK, so we're not technically living there. We're just staying for a week. We ripped up the tile in our bathroom before we bought the new tile. Who knew everything I liked would be "special order" (therefore 72 hours for delivery), which means we had to reschedule our tile guy for next week. (Did I mention we never did the bathroom project on our own? Another story...) Sigh.

So, since we only have one shower and the bathroom floor around said shower has been ripped apart, we've checked back into Anna's B&B. Last time we stayed it was for almost five months, so this should fly by. Right?

It's made us realize that we really do love our little house. Though we've been going back each night after we put William down to pick up new clothes and "get stuff done," I miss walking into my house at the end of the day.

What I don't miss? Our bed. I had no idea how bad our bed is until I've been sleeping so soundly in my parents guest room. Ahhhh. And my back doesn't hurt this week! Go figure.

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