Family Festivus... It's a Christmas Miracle!

Our friends Angie and Jamie host an annual Festivus party. Historically, it has been an overdecorated, packed house with lots of drinking, eating, and holiday debauchery. Considering a number of their friends (Hannemaniacs included) now have kids, they decided to invite the kiddos and start the party at 6:00.
All the families arrived at the decent family time and William was surrounded by five other kids within months of his age. He skipped his afternoon nap, so quickly morphed into a bull in a china shop and did an incredible amount of hyper running and screaming. While all the other kids were mellow, trying to feel out the environment (perhaps be good at someone else's home), William was all over the place. He's so rarely around other kids, he could hardly contain himself. (Translation: Invite us over for a play date.)
Around 9:00 the non-kids people began to arrive and the families with kids in tow started the transition. The baby gate came down, toy trucks were packed, and kids buckled in their car seats. William, so overtired, chattered to himself the whole way home, went down at 9:45 and slept until almost 8:00 am. The kid who can hardly sleep past 5 am... It's a Christmas miracle!
Thank you Family Festivus, you allowed the Hannemaniacs a couple of hours of extra sleep.
We've thoroughly enjoyed Festivus over the years, but now William can too! I thought it might be fun to compare a past Festivus with Festivus 2009. Both equally fun, just in different ways...
Here I am at Festivus 2006 when I would have been arriving at 9 pm:
And here we are this year around 6pm getting the party started:

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