Ten Things William Figured Out While I Was Away

For the last month I was completely overwhelmed with work. IF I saw William, it was for about a half hour in the morning when we'd watch the news and munch on Cheerios and I'd anxiously watch the clock to get in the shower and get to work.

Now that I've been around him more for a few days, I've noticed how much he's changed. Two weeks in toddler life is a really long time in terms of development.

So, here are Ten Things William Is Up To These Days:

1. He runs (although like a drunk person).
2. He can count to two. You say "1," he says "2."
3. He says words like "animal" and "number" and "cookie."
4. He climbs on everything... And then stands. In his shopping cart and on his car.
5. He can tell us when he poo poo'ed.
6. He thinks he's getting over afternoon naps.
7. He points out "shoes," "socks," and "boots" with tons of enthusiasm.
8. He has molars!
9. He lets you put a hat on his head (previously impossible).
10. He ripped up every pop-up book he could get his hands on.

I thought he was going to be mad at me for being MIA, but I think I've been officially forgiven. Nothing makes you realize how fast they're growing better than missing a good chunk of it.

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