Haircut Time?

I really don't want to cut the little guy's hair. I think his mop is super cool, totally cute, and, as a hair cut every six months kinda person myself, I just don't think it's at "that point." So, maybe it kinda looks like a mullet. So what if people might think he's a hockey player. It's cool, right?!?!

OK, so then someone says, "She is adorable." SHE! This used to happen a lot when he was a baby and it's hard to tell boys from girls. But, he was wearing a green shirt and brown pants. It was clearly a boy's outfit. Is his hair that long that he looks like a girl? So much so that someone would override his clearly boy-oriented clothes and assume we just dressed our girl in a boy's shirt?
I'm scared this means I have to get it cut. It's not that I care that he was called a girl. Really, I don't. I just feel like I'm being an irresponsible parent if I know it and don't do anything about it, you know?


Kari said...

He is so damn cute!

Lady Hannemaniac said...

So are you saying I shouldn't cut his hair?