Santa's Lap

We finally brought William to see Santa today. He learned how to say "Santa" over the weekend and something about the word just makes him giddy. He squeals, smiles, and runs around chanting "Santa," so we had to bring him to the real thing. What is it about Santa that inspires awe in even the youngest, most clueless kiddos?

Matt and I planned it out well. We left work about ten minutes early to beat traffic and make it to Northbrook Court by 6:00 when Santa arrived. Grandma B and Aunt Christina would meet us there and we'd exchange the kid. Timing was perfect.
Our wait only lasted about a half hour and William pointed at Santa while shrieking his name again and again and again. And you know how malls echo? He was the picture of true Christmas delight.

So, here we are in Santa's line surrounded by Christmas decorations and kids all dressed up to see Santa. William is radiating glee. We're next in line. I pull out the camera and Matt puts William on Santa's lap...

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Windtraveler said...

Oh my god. One of these MUST be your Christmas card next year. SERIOUSLY. Love him to pieces.