Mambo Italiano

As you may know our little guy is obsessed with Mambo Italiano. This has been going on for months. First thing in the morning he asks to "Mambo." The instant Grandma B comes over, he's ready to "Mambo." All day long, the kid just wants to mambo and tells you so again and again.

Until now he has been a Dean Martin loyalist. However, we've strayed. Aunt Danielle found this little gem, which is the first thing I have ever seen him sit still and watch. He's captivated.

The guy singing is Gerard Darmon, a French actor, and his back up comes from puppets. What more can you ask for? Take a looksie, it's fabulous.

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Kari said...

That song was stuck in my head for hours after I left your place! He is so damn cute!