Five Really Stupid Things I Did Yesterday

First, let's get something straight: I am not pregnant. None of the things I am about to share with you are on account of baby brain.

Yesterday was one of those days... I felt like I just couldn't seem to pull it together or get my brain to kick in. I have a lot on my plate right now, so it's not a huge surprise. Consider this post a little reminder that we all have bad days, brain shutdowns, and no matter how hard you try, sometimes modern motherhood makes it hard to keep it all together.

Here are the five stupid things I did yesterday:

1. I showed up at W's preschool to pick him up a half hour early. I pulled into the lot and wondered where the rest of the cars were. It's only five minutes away, so I went home to get more work done.

2. When I picked up W, his teacher handed me his Valentine's Day package, stuffed with valentines from his classmates. I was bummed W had to miss his first Valentine's Day party since he was sick, but it would have been a disaster. We were instructed to bring valentines without names on them. I read the information and thought I was supposed to bring ONE valentine without a name on it. Poor W would have gone to school with the very cute homemade valentine instead of one for each of the kids in his class. Cannot begin to figure out how I almost f'ed up his first Valentine's Day party.

3. After last week's guilt-inducing preschool pick-up, I made a lunch date with one of this little pals at a place we go to often. It's very close to home, but you have to jump on the expressway. I started to drive and took the exit we normally would when heading to Wisconsin. Luckily, those "authorized vehicle" turn-arounds came in handy.

4. After leaving the place where we had lunch, I realized I had left W's jacket at the table. Luckily it was in the lost & found in the manager's office.

5. Last night we had dinner with Brittany and Scott (a hooray you've returned kinda dinner) and then headed to a movie. I had a Groupon for the tickets and when I went to pull out my phone... Um, GONE. Well, not GONE, still sitting on the table in the restaurant. Scott, ever then gentleman, ran back and retrieved it for me.

All in all, no major damage or losses. I got lucky. But, seriously... I couldn't catch a break yesterday. My brain is clearly overstuffed.

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