Meal Planning: Week 7 And I'm Still At It

Monday: Grilled cheese with baked sweet potato fries and salad
Tuesday: Valentine's Day... ordering in sushi or going the cheese and cracker and wine route
Wednesday: Baked salmon and arugula salad
Thursday: Pork tenderloin in the crock pot
Friday: Something with fresh whitefish

I have an Artizone delivery coming on Wednesday and was in love with the fish I ordered last time... Can you tell?

There you have it. What are you making this week?


Danielle said...

sweet potato fries..yummmmm-o.

Michelle said...

Hmmmm your menu sounds surprisingly familiar. I adored the salmon I got from Artizone, too. Interestingly, did you notice any of the prices? I know there's an upcharge for convenience, but ... charge me openly. I don't like the sneakiness feel to it. Enjoy those meals. yum!