Good Deeds 2012: The Glass Slipper Project

Good Deed: Donated dresses and accessories to The Glass Slipper Project.

This bridesmaid dress from my sister's wedding was beautiful, but hopefully will not fit me again.
I have been honored to stand up in weddings for my sisters and some of my closest friends. These weddings have been some of my favorite memories. I've had lots of fun fun, a great excuse to get my hair and makeup done, and wore some beautiful dresses.The thing is... most bridesmaid dresses are not necessarily re-wearable (though I have a few that actually are). So, what to do with these pretty dresses?

Donate them, of course! The Glass Slipper Project takes donated dresses and makes prom dreams come true for thousands of Chicagoland high school Juniors and Seniors who are unable to purchase their own prom attire. Doesn't that just make perfect sense?

I've donated a number dresses to this organization in the last five years. This week I dropped off a dress, a few pieces of jewelry, and a purse and left feeling hopeful that a girl would treasure them and feel like a lady. This dress in particular was from my sister's wedding over Labor Day weekend. It's a stunning dress, but I was a few months postpartum and it's not something I hope to fit into again... Plus, I don't have any plans in the near future to attend a black tie event. So, rather than holding onto it, I donated it.

According to their website, The Glass Slipper Project has helped more than 16,000 girls attend their proms. It is a 100% volunteer-driven organization that accepts donations of dresses, shoes, jewelry, makeup, and purses. Boutiques are available the last three weekends of April and volunteers help girls choose their prom attire. (A friend of mine actually volunteered last year and had great things to say about the experience.)

Donating is easy! You can ship the items or use one of their drop-off locations. If you live in the North Shore area, Zengler Cleaners accepts items and dry cleans the dresses for the organization. (Check drop-off location and mailing information here.)

What was your good deed this week? Link it up here or leave a comment!

Note: I am in no way affiliated with The Glass Slipper Project,nor was I compensated for this post. All information was found on their website: www.glassslipperproject.org.

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