Good Deeds 2012 Week 5: Helped "Stamp Out" Breast Cancer

Good Deed: Purchased Breast Cancer Awareness stamps from US Postal Service.

This is an easy one. The Breast Cancer Awareness stamps are priced at 55 cents and the extra 10 cents benefits breast cancer research. It might not sound like much, but according to an October 2011 interview with Dr. Bodai, who created the stamp, more than $79 million has been raised and more than 950 million stamps have been sold in the US since it was introduced in 1998. This also translates to billions of impressions to educate people and further awareness.

This stamp was the first semi-postal stamp sold and is now available in 20 countries to support research in their country. Everyone is affected by cancer and, like research in most diseases, some discoveries made with breast cancer translate to other cancers.

Think about it next time you're getting stamps.

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Michelle said...

*I* didn't do it, but last night at the Cub Scout sleepover, Mister Man and my husband came upon a crying boy (2nd/3rd grade?). A couple people they saw walk by ignoring him, but they stopped to see what was wrong. He'd gotten separated from his grandma, so my husband found a volunteer to help. Mister Man soothed him and asked him questions and assured him it'd be ok. And yes, he was reunited with her - they even saw them later that night :)