Costco Soft Serve Puts Another Nail in the Coffin

Food courts in Costco, Target, and the like have always been scary to me. There's something awfully depressing about them for me... As if people can't be bothered to be choosy about what they're eating, so they grab a piece of pizza or a hot dog at a dirty table next to their over sized cart full of stuff. I've always thought I was too picky about food, ambiance, and germs to do it. Yup, I can admit that there is a wee bit part of me that felt kind of bad for those people... There was just something a little sad about it. Something about people eating unhealthy food in terrible lighting on plastic benches just makes me sad.

But today I became one of them. Today Costco's soft serve put another nail in the coffin of old Lisa. I was on yet another nesting-induced compulsive trip to Costco, this time stocking up on wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, diapers, pasta sauce, and other odds and ends for our baby bomb shelter. And W was being so good and the soft serve sounded like a nice treat, so I bit the bullet and stepped in line. I told W we'd take it home to share with Matt, but he insisted we eat it there.

I took a deep breath, picked out a seat away from the crowd, and we snacked on some rather delicious soft serve and chatted. I didn't even notice the pitiful looks that my old self was giving me from across the store.

Working full time and trying to keep up with our pace of life means I don't get a lot of one-on-one, distraction-free downtime with W. But, somehow I found it there sitting amongst the churro, pizza, and hot dog eating crowd of Costco. I didn't even think to check my phone, look over my shoulder, or worry what time it was and how much I had left to do with my day.

"Now I love you," W said.

"You didn't love me before I gave you ice cream?" I asked.

"I just really love you now," he replied reaching for another bite of his berry sundae.

Thank you, Costco soft serve, thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I just loved reading this one! I have to admit that when I was prego I made Anthony step in line and get me a churro! I ate it on the way home though! :)