Is This What They Call Nesting?

I think I'm nesting. It's a little early for this, right? But, really, I think that's what's going on around here.

I'm 29 or 30 week pregnant. I can't remember (I know people find it strange that I don't ever seem to know, but I don't). I've still got a good two and a half months of baby baking ahead of me. But, lately I can't sit still.

I never did the whole nesting thing when I was pregnant with W. Things were so much different. First off, we had just sold our condo in the city, had no idea where we wanted to go, so were living with my parents. Our stuff was in storage. I had no nest. I didn't have a nursery to organize and decorate. I had uncertainty and weekend trips out with our realtor. Nesting was not even a remote possibility. So, I figured that like so many other pregnancy things (such as glowing skin), nesting was a myth created by the evil women who want other moms-to-be to feel bad about themselves.

But, I'm pretty sure I'm nesting... Or looking for ways to blow through a ton of cash, cuz this weekend my shopping trips became kinda insane.

First off, I bought Dreft at Costco. (Going through W's baby clothes is on the list for April, so I'm guess I'm just trying to be prepared.) I also bought two jugs (seriously, I have no idea what the size of Costco stuff is, I know it's not a gallon, though) of laundry detergent. TWO, which should last for a year (or a month with a baby around). I bought Costco-sized sponges, dish soap, regular pasta, whole grain pasta, tuna fish, baked chips, cereal, and coffee. Mind you, we didn't really *need* any of this stuff. But, now we've covered for a few months and our basement is like a well-stocked shelter. I walked down the wipes/diapers/formula aisle about three times, but convinced myself to hold off. If I have this baby next week, we'll all at least be fed, the baby will not have diapers however. Priorities, people.

During my trip to Target I started to go off the deep end a little. I bought SIX bottles of hand soap. I also found birthday gifts for two sweet little girls who will turn one... in AUGUST. So, then it struck me that now would be a good time to pull together that birthday gift stash I've been wanting to start, so when I was at Borders (purchasing The Happiest Toddler on the Block - more on that later) I stocked up on sale stuff to keep on hand for parties. And I got W plenty of books and puzzles to reward all the good behavior he'll display this summer when his new baby brother gets here. Yes, I fully intend to bribe him into liking and being nice to his brother. Even if the book tells me not to.

Anyway, that's what's going on here, right? I'm nesting? Please tell me yes, otherwise I'm pretty sure I'm just going crazy -- Which is also a distinct possibility.

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