Girl Scout Cookie Craving

I recently wrote about my most recent pregnancy craving (Girl Scout cookies) and took a little walk down my own Girl Scout memory lane for TheChicagoMoms.com. Besides wanting to share that post, I thought this might be a good time to share a vintage Lisa photo. Here I am "crossing the bridge" from Brownies to Girl Scouts. Big day.

I kinda love this picture. There are many reasons why, but #1 may be because I totally remember walking over that rickety bridge... Only it felt much higher than it looks now. Notice my eyes focused on my footing, my arms out for balance? I remember being concerned I was going to fall or knock the bridge down.

I also love it because the girl who was chosen to give me my "you're a Girl Scout now" flowers or whatever it was REALLY did not like me. She spent a lot of time between classes glaring at me in the hallways of our junior high and high school. I never knew why, but this moment could have something to do with it.

Maybe she was scared I was going to fall off the bridge and knock her over? Or thought I was a huge nerd for taking that bridge so seriously? Either way, I'm sure she's a lovely person now.

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Windtraveler said...

Laughing out LOUD. So much hilariousness in this post. And my god, that's like - 2 years after I met you or something.

PS. Indian Princesses were cooler.

PSS. I was NEVER a girl scout, even if you remember me being one for some odd reason...I was not.