Making My Due Date Work For Me

My due date is May 27th. We're officially within the eight week window - And I really need these eight weeks. We're in the middle of getting W's new room ready, I have to go through all of our baby clothes, buy all the necessary gear, come up with a maternity leave plan at work... I could go on. Recently, two women I know have reminded me that they went into labor three weeks early with their second baby. Not exactly what I want to hear.

My goal is to actually go about a week after my due date. I never imagined I'd think that after being a week late with W, but the timing just works better for me that way.

Translation: I'd like to work in this whole labor thing the first week of June.

Call me selfish, but I have my reasons... My sister is getting married on September 3rd, so this would ensure I wouldn't be dealing with figuring out my back-to-work transition the week of her wedding. Plus, June just feels a little better for me, because it's officially summer. And, wellllll, there is an event for work that I really want to be at on May 19th. Really need to be at is more precise.

So, to make karma happy I'll cover myself: I just want a healthy baby and a good birthing experience. Blah, blah, blah. We all know that's true deep down, but seriously... Can't a girl hope?

I know that just thinking this means I'll go into labor early. Go figure, I seem to love setting myself up for disaster.

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