How We Nutritionize Mac and Cheese

I did not truly appreciate mac and cheese before I became a mom. I didn't realize that a simple little box can come in handy so often. And now I do.

I was talking to a friend of mine, telling her how often we make mac and cheese on the weekends, how I try to boost the nutrition content by making additions and she admitted it was something she had never considered. (Granted, there are many other moms out there who do this, I'm sure. My mom did this when we were young.)

So, if you're a new mom, keep this one in mind: A can of tuna and steamed brocoli or peas make mac and cheese a much more nutritional option, plus it boosts the servings from a single box.

This is not sneaky gourmet by any means, but it is a really fast lunch on a busy weekend or dinner on a week night (like tonight). Matt and I add parmesan and crushed red pepper to ours. You know, to class it up a bit.

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Rachel said...

Turkey burger is awesome in mac and cheese. My fav.