Pregnant, Exhausted, and Older

The great and not-so-great thing about being pregnant is everyone cares how you're feeling (or at least they ask). Physically, I feel fine and I'm not the type to get into the uncomfortable details anyway, so I always reply with, "Good! So far so good!"

Here's the truth: I am totally, utterly, completely EXHAUSTED. I am so wiped out by 7:00 that simple things, like brushing W's teeth and reading him a couple of stories, are chores. Forget about doing laundry or putting away all the toys. Blogging and replying to emails sounds overwhelming, so I don't.

At first I thought I was just being lazy and taking advantage of the whole pregnancy thing. But, now I'm just thinking I'm actually feeling some major pregnancy exhaustion. I've pretty much stopped scheduling things, just trying to focus the energy we have on getting ready for Baby #2 and spending as much time with W while he's still the solo act.

The other day I told Matt how surprised I am by this deep exhaustion. I don't remember feeling this with W. Nothing even close. He reminded me that I wasn't chasing around a 2 and a half year old, trying to keep a house together, working full time, blogging, and then he dropped the bomb... "And you're almost three years older." OUCH, but TRUE.

So, let's just put it this way... When you ask me how I'm doing and I say fine, translate that in your head to be: "PREGNANT and EXHAUSTED and, oh yeah, OLDER."


Lara Kercinik said...

Ugh. I hear ya. At 13.5 weeks I was so hopeful that exhaustion would dissipate. But, just this morning I had a thought. OMG. What if this is the whole second pregnancy BECAUSE of the things you just listed. And, yes, the 32 thing as opposed to the 29 thing. Ouch is right. Just a few more weeks until you are 6 months away from feeling "normal" again ;) On the brighter side, you make really cute, endearing and super smart little babes. Bring it on Hanneman #2.

Anonymous said...

You are almost there!