Bear Down!

Lesson of the Day: Don't ditch the kid when you think it will make life easier. (Well, do that sometimes... But, give 'em a chance every now and then.)

Today W went to his first Bears game. Britt invited us a while ago and we went back and forth about whether we should bring him. We finally decided we weren't going to since he's mobile and we thought that it would be a pain. There I said it. We just thought he would be a pain. We wanted to have fun and not chase him around, were worried that he would be annoying for other people, and thought that it would mess too much with his nap schedule.

But, this morning Auntie Britt called and said we should reconsider as she needed some cuddle time with her little Buddha. We were thinking the same thing. So, we packed him up and brought him with us.

He loved it! The Bears were beyond disappointing, but W provided plenty of entertainment. So, while sometimes leaving the kid at home is a good idea when you just want to have fun and do your thing. But, when you think twice about it, give your kiddo the chance. And in the end, two missed naps and snacks for lunch didn't even matter.


Kari said...

That is a great photo!

Brittany said...

I LOVE HIM SO MUCH IT IS INSANE. So good to cuddle with him...