Have We Taken Stink Face Too Far?

As most people know William's signature move is the Stink Face. It started innocently, he made the face, we named it, and then he figured out how to do it on command. This usually resulted in some laughter, which has only encouraged him to do it more and more and more. Now the stink face is given to friends and strangers alike.

Not everyone appreciates it. When he gives it to people that don't know him, perhaps little old ladies fawning over his eyes or cheeks, we usually hear an "Oh my!" or "Oh no!" There have been some moments of embarrassment as we tell him to stop stink facing and encourage "Happy Face!"

We think it's a riot, but as he does it more and more to people we don't know I'm starting to wonder if we're the only people who are going to find this funny much longer... And it probably doesn't help that we take pictures of it.
Trying to be a somewhat responsible parents, I think we need to consider whether we should cut the stink face (so he isn't still doing it when he's six) or continue to encourage the behavior. I'm all for encouragement, but I'm all about a good laugh. Man, being a parent is so hard! Sometimes you have to think more long term rather than what makes you laugh right now. Boo! That being said, I think Stink Face still has a place in the this world, for now.


Kari said...

I love the Stink Face! Keep them coming!

Windtraveler said...

His stink face is AMAZING. It is obviously a sign of his heightened intelligence that he can use all those muscles in his little face on command like that. Obviously a genius.