Being Sick Is Hard

Man.... I have been down for the count since Thursday, but I've been feeling better this afternoon and evening. I got hit with a crazy upper respiratory infection. Apparently, I don't know how to read the signs of a cold or sinus infection or anything that would beg of me to slow down. So, I didn't and then I did... As I was brought to a complete halt.

You know I'm sick when I miss work. You know I'm REALLY sick when I miss work during the height of Gala season. Yikes. It was rough.

Anyway, enough about me. Let's talk about the little man and why being sick is hard when you're a mom.... It is. It's really hard.

The little ones don't get that you're sick and have body ache, a fever, and an intense head ache when they want you to snuggle up and read them a book. They don't get that they can't have a sip out of your water glass. They don't get that you're taking cough syrup with codeine and when you're laying on the couch with your eyes closed, you're not playing games. They don't get that they shouldn't try to put their hands directly in your mouth. They don't get that you need to sleep and don't think that pounding on the door yelling "mommy" is fun. They don't get that they should sleep in past 5 am (if they sleep that late). And they don't get that you are just as bummed as they are that you can't play blocks and go to the park with them.

It could have been even harder. But, Matt stepped up. He bathed, fed, played, snuggled, dressed, basically did everything for the little guy this weekend. And he did a great job. An amazing job. I slept in, laid on the couch, relaxed, coughed, moaned, complained, pitied myself, and ultimately played sick. But, I went into work today and by 2:00 was feeling much better.

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