Reasons I'm Thankful

Having a healthy, good-natured kiddo. Lattes. My mom. Wonderful friends and even some not-so-wonderful friends (hey, they can't all be winners). Laughter. The ability to make fun of myself. Tuesday nights. My mom. Wine. DVR. Tzatziki and pita chips. Kiehl's body lotion. Radiant heating in our living room. Nap time. Season changes. Books. So You Think You Can Dance. Humidifiers. Having smart, funny co-workers. Scones. Candles. Having the memory of an elephant (I think it's slowly coming back after baby brain invaded). Netflix. Tailgating.

And what I'm most thankful for... A special birthday boy. And an amazing husband and dad. He's talented, supportive, smart, kind, funny, introspective, trust-worthy, passionate yet level-headed, and as of today, kinda old. Although I have a knack for bringing out his worst (who me?), I still get to see him at his best more often than not.

Today we toast to him with a turkey leg! Happy Birthday to you...

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