Our Current House Dilemma

I just wrote a new post for Chicago Moms Blog, which can be found here.

There can be a short delay between writing these posts and them being put up the editorial team. Things have changed since I wrote this post.

Here is the big one: Yesterday Aunt Danielle came over to see the little guy (which is the main objective of her visits home these days) and somehow with three adults in the house the gate to the basement stairs came down and did not go back up.

We were chatting as William rounded the corner, luckily the quick-on-her-feet Aunt Danielle scooped him up before disaster. Dammit! This is the first time we've been that careless. We've worried about the "what if's?" but now that we've experienced it, I feel like we just have to put up a door. It's not worth a tumble down those crazy stairs, right?

If you have seen our basement stairs I'm sure you know what I'm saying or may have even thought to yourself: "I'm not letting my kid run around these crazy people's house."

Any other ideas?

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