... And He's Off!

We're walking! The little guy has been cruising furniture for months and started tentatively stepping between two pieces of furniture a couple weeks ago. Then he was able to hold onto one finger and navigate his way through the house. Now he toddles for lots and lots of steps.

One of the things I love about little ones is that they act like they're constantly tripping. They like to touch everything, roll around on the floor, spit their food out for no reason, throw their head back, laugh then cry then laugh... You get the picture.

Now it seems our little guy has kicked his acid habit and turned to the bottle. The drunken stumbling is brilliant. Almost like when you were trying to get your college roommate home and they kept stumbling then falling, then laughing and doing it again.

We're hoping he sobers up soon, so we can let him loose in the wild!

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