One Year Photos

I have trouble with doing those "regular things" that moms are supposed to do. Example for today: Professional Photos. I just can't really get into photos of kids laying on a white fur rug or holding a large number signifying their age. Yeah, they're adorable. I just don't really like posed photos for myself or my house. I don't have a wedding album nor do I have any photos from our wedding framed in anything larger than a 4x6, which the photographer printed for us.

And I digress... So, I never had the professional photos taken. I planned to do the one year photos, but after spending some time looking into photographers I became overwhelmed and then annoyed that sitting fees alone would be atleast $200. I know there are less expenisve options, but I think I can take photos just as well as those options. If I am going to get photos taken, I expect art. But, I expect it at a deal.

I'm a fan of Janie and Jack. Before you judge about my taste in what can be considered expenise kids clothes, know that I am sale rack junky. Besides, have you met my mom? Preppy is kinda her life. Anyway, she was in Janie and Jack looking around for a new piece of ridiculously adorable garb and they explained the photo promotion. Free sittings for kids to come and have their photos taken at Janie and Jack. She jumped on it, probably knowing that I would never get around to it.

A week later, Grandma B and Aunt Danielle took William for his photos. The following week Grandma B and I went back to see the photos. They showed them to us on a computer. My little guy smiling, playing, stink-facing, hamming it up for the camera. Then they bring out the price sheet... It wasn't TOO bad, but I said to the photographer, "So, this is kind of like a test of how much you love your baby, huh?" She agreed.

I narrowed it down to the best to share here. Still don't have any framed, but I'll get around to that some day.

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