Crime and Punishment - William Style

Crime: Staying up until (gasp) after 11:00 pm gorging on Dexter. (Just finished the first disc of Season 2 - Feels different from Season 1, not necessarily in a good way.)

Punishment: 1:00 am wake up call from a certain toddler insistent on joining us in bed, followed by three hours of kicking, hitting, and hair pulling, until his 4:00 am decision that he needed to "See Howie" and 45 minutes of wrestling to get off the bed until we finally gave in and let him tear out of the room. FAKE walking down the hall followed (no kidding, he marched in place) to see if we would chase. We did.

No trial. No jury. This is my kid's idea of justice, I guess. Not a fan. I can't believe that the crime warrants such a harsh punishment.

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