Yes, New Mom, Your Friendships Will Still Matter... Even When They Change

Most of my friends don't have kids. This was a scary realization one night in my early mom days when I knew that a group of my friends was out living the good life and I was up all night nursing a fussy guy while living with my parents in the suburbs. (Don't you feel bad for me?) Yes, it could have been worse. But, with all the hormones and new mom anxieties, that was a little rock bottom moment for me... What have I done?

As my mom puts it I've always been "very social." And I am incredibly lucky to have some really good friends. Although I don't get to spend much time with them anymore or make last minute, fly by the seat of my pants plans these days, it doesn't mean that being a mom has forced some of these friendship to go astray.

So, when I talk to new moms or pregnant ladies who will be new moms, I tend to warn them about the transition of friendships. I also wrote a post about it on Chicago Moms Blog.

But, trust me, your friends will surprise you -- Mine have. Just thought I'd share some fun friend shots from the last year.

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