Socializing Kids = Germs = Sick = Ice Cream for Breakfast

Since W spends his days with his Grandnanny he doesn't socialize a ton. Scratch that. Let me rephrase: He doesn't spend much time with other kids. It's impossible not to socialize when you're with my mom seeing as she talks to everyone and spends her days taking him around town.

Anyway, in the last couple of months we've really been trying to up this kid's kid-specific social interactions. We have some kids with friends, but already packed social calendars, two full time jobs, houses to maintain, family obligations, etc. etc. usually mean we have to schedule a month out. And then there is the inevitably sick kid who forces us to reschedule once, twice, three times...

So, in our quest for interaction our little guy just cannot seem to stop picking up every virus in the air. He spent January sick with that respiratory thing then a sinus infection then an ear infection. He had *maybe* two weeks off of being sick and then woke up a week and a half ago with a cold. He just got over that last week and then Monday he woke up from him morning nap with a 102 degree fever, which has spiked between 102 - 103 every five hours since and the doc says he has a fire red throat. (Yet somehow he has kept a peachy disposition).

Seriously, I'm considering quarantining him until spring or wrapping him in plastic to create a germ barrier. Two birthdays parties on Saturday (more on that later!) and a brunch/play time on Sunday proved too much for our little guy.

This morning he gets strawberry ice cream for breakfast.

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Matt Hanneman said...

We should all get strawberry ice cream for breakfast when we have a sore throat!