Sometimes I Keep My Mouth Closed... And Then Wish I Didn't

After Trip #3 to the pediatrician this week, I stopped at Target to grab W some new pacifiers. (Note: Please do not choose this as an opportunity to try to convince me to take his away. We're not there yet.) Since he's sick, I thought it would be wise of me to carry him through the store, rather than infect a cart with his germs. He's over 26 pounds.

So, I'm carrying him along and come to the check out area and some lady maneuvers her cart in front of me. Full cart. She was there first, its fine. But, then she proceeds to talk on her phone and sloooowwwwlllllyyyy take out one item at a time, leaving the employee to slowly check her out. My patience is wearing, possibly because she is everything I never want to be. She is dressed about 20 years too young in far too tight of clothing. Her hair is over processed and heels too high for a Thursday afternoon trip to Target. And then there were the sunglasses that she was WEARING INSIDE. I mean, really?

But, this is what I hope I will never be: When I see a mom holding a child who is obviously sick and only has three items (three of the same items mind you) to purchase, I hope I am never the person who does not encourage her to go ahead and instead takes my time obliviously.

And then I also really hope I'm not the person who puts the case of water on the bottom of my cart and doesn't mention it during the check out. I *almost* said something... I thought about throwing out an "Oops, you forgot to ring up your water." But, instead I held my tongue. And as I drove away I really regretted it. I'm sure that somewhere in that huge purse of hers that woman could have found an extra few bucks for some water. Or maybe she couldn't see it due to the sunglasses.

I tried to set a good example for my son, but I wonder what the better example would have been.

50 Year Old Britney Spears wannabe: 1
Justice: 0

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Danielle said...

take the pacifier away!!! unless of course you want his speech, or even his dentition, to require therapeutic intervention. sorry, couldn't help myself.