Crime Stopper

Justice. One of my most favorite past times. I'm kinda into crime stopping. Back at our old condo in West Bucktown/East Humboldt Park, I waged a war against the gang members dealing from the stoop next door, the crack heads wandering our alley, and the handicapped fellow who used our alley as an open air bathroom. Without going into too much detail, I ultimately received the direct number to the gang enforcement unit and was told all the right things to specify, such as "silent dispatch" (meaning do not let them hear you on their scanners). Let's just say crime fighting became a daily habit.... Maybe one day I'll share more.

For now, I'm stuck with the minor issues I stumble upon in Wilmette, and I have to say, it's been totally boring. Until today. We finally got out of the house and did some lunch. While we were eating the owner of the restaurant noticed a kid on a bike trying to break into his car... In the Wilmette train station lot... With few cars... In bright day light... Wearing a bright white hoodie. Stupid. He was shooed away and the day went on... Until we got out to our car.

We spotted the same kid trying to break into a few other cars in the lot. Matt watched him while I called 911 and gave them the play-by-play. While we were watching. From 500 feet away. Clearing noticing that he was using a screw driver to attempt a car jacking. Once the cops showed up, the stupid kid jumped the tracks.

"He saw the squad car! He's run over the tracks! Near the Starbucks. Now he's going south on Greenbay Road. His white hood is down, he has a black knit cap underneath."

"And he left his bike here in the parking lot. It's blue and silver. It's a mountain bike, no maybe a hybrid road bike/mountain bike. Its right here. Next to a red car."

And then I happily left my full name and phone number. (They haven't called.)

By the time we made it to the other side of the tracks, the kid was cuffed with his head down as they escorted him from the Jaguar dealership parking lot to the squad car, an ambulance was arriving and a fire engine turning the corner. Big sting. And I was part of the team!

I think the kid must have hurt himself when he leaped onto the tracks or maybe the cops tackled him in the Jag or the Starbucks lot. And I felt a stab of guilt. Was he desperate? Starving? What could have led a 13 year old to act so stupidly? And for what? To steal a car stereo? And then he had to run into a Jaguar dealership to hide? Like getting smacked in the face with having nothing while hiding behind a $60,000 sedan.

"Did I do the right thing?" I asked Matt. Could that cd player he might have gotten put food on his family's table? The owner would clearly have insurance and the loss would be minimal. Was it that big of a deal?

"Probably a kid with a trust fund who was trying to prove something. We don't live in the city anymore." Matt said.

Maybe he was a spoiled brat bored on a Sunday or maybe he was looking for something he could turn into a little cash. Regardless, it doesn't matter.

Guess what, Wilmette... There's a new crime fighter in town.


Christine said...

Alderman Hanneman is back! Watch out, Wilmette.

Lady Hannemaniac said...

Indeed, the Alderman has been a little too bored. Now that she's been unleashed who knows what she'll do!