Welcome to Chicago, Kid

Yesterday the weather was in the 60's. The Hannemaniacs have been taken down by two respiratory infections, an ear infection, and pneumonia. It was a tough week of shuttling around to doctor's appointments and spending a beautiful week stuck inside. We had to break free yesterday afternoon, so drove to Gillson Beach and let W run around a bit. It was gorgeous.

An overzealous little guy who was probably about five years old, stripped down to his swim trunks and played in the sand. His grandparents were struggling with it, should they let him enjoy this special day or save him from his future cold? Spring was in the air, the sun was shining, runners were freed of their ear muffs and treadmills. It felt good.

We were warned it wouldn't last, that it would drop dramatically overnight. And it did. We were greeted this morning by a yard blanketed with snow, gusty winds, icy snow falling to the ground. Yuck. Poor William ran to the window, looked out, and wondered aloud: "Snow?"

Now, how exactly do we explain this one? Only in Chicago. Sorry we live here, little man... We'll make it up to you this summer, for a few months at least.

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