... And Then I Rethink This Whole Working Thing

Setting: William's room, Wednesday morning, 6:30 am

William has just woken up and we go in to greet him. The following is the conversation I had with him (yes, he's 20 months old):

"Good morning, baby! Did you have a good sleep?" I asked.

"Yeah," he said.

"Did you have good dreams?"


"What did you dream about?"


"What was he doing?"

"Cleaning leaves."

"Did you dream of anything else?"


"What was she doing?"

"Cleaning bushes."

"Did you dream about Mommy and Daddy?"


"What were we doing?"


And just like that my working mom heart shed a tear.


JLK and JL said...

William is the sweetest kid! Big hugs!

Windtraveler said...

Sorry, but this is hilarious. He is such a smart lil' guy...maybe mommy and daddy were just hiding because they didn't want to do yard work? Love him.