Why I Can't Be Trusted With Pregnancy Bra Questions

I'm like an open book when it comes to new mom and pregnancy questions. (Bring it on!) But, here's the thing... I can't promise to give the best possible answers.

Exhibit A: the below question from a newly pregnant and obviously very nice (she likes my little guy and saw him a really good day) lady I know:

Fair Question for an expectant mom to ask:

Hey Lisa! I meant to ask you this earlier but didn't get the chance. Do you have any bra suggestions? I'm shopping around for new ones but am not sure if I'm supposed to buy regular bras in the bigger size, or if I should look at nursing bras and hope I can wear them after the birth and when the size goes back down. What do you suggest? Do you have any store suggestions?

By the way, William is sooo smart and cute! I hope my kid is like him. :)

My Answer (or why I can't be trusted with bra questions):

I wish I had better suggestions... But, here's the truth: my sister has really big boobs and had some bras that she didn't wear much and didn't like. I know, it's crazy, but I didn't want to waste money and they worked fine. Kinda cheap, but whatever, I'm over it. (I also may not be the best person to ask since I'm not too picky about my bras in general.)

Once I hit my last trimester I went out and bought a few nursing bras. There is a store in Wilmette near Old Orchard that was really helpful. I'll check the name when I drive by this weekend. But, be ready for full-on no privacy boobs show with the ladies who work there. I think one brand was Medela. Can't remember and they're all packed away. You'll know which ones are the most comfortable. I would stay away from any sort of underwire. Yuck.

Let me know if you want more advice and I'll ask my friends who might be a little more helpful.

So, I probably should not be surprised if she never comes to me for advice ever again. And this is the perfect opportunity to introduce my friend Lara, who has her own spanking new blog, Ask Me. I bet she might have come up with something a little more useful.

P.S. Please continue to ask questions of me. I really do like to answer them, even if I leave you more stumped that you were before...


Windtraveler said...

honest advice IS good advice lisa...DUH! :)

Lara Kercinik said...

Thanks for the plug. I think your advice was perfect. Totally wait on the nursing bras... don't pull a me and invest 20 million on a bunch of over-priced nursing bras that I only used for 12 days. That's right, I nursed for only 12 days. Total waste.

A great store in the city though is Be Bye Baby on Lincoln - and go AFTER the baby comes :)