Bird In My Ear

Our little guy loves birds. "Birdy" was one of his first words and now he refers to most of them as either "Mr. Robin" or "Mr. Cardinal." Very formal, our little fellow.

This last week he's been battling congestion and fevers, but yesterday he started to say, "Bird in my ear."

"Does the bird hurt your ear?" Matt asked.


So, that means ear infection, right? I was sure of it. A trip to the doctor and it doesn't seem to be an ear infection. Just a really bad cold and a good old case of "bird in ear."

Tonight I asked him if the bird was still in his ear. He confirmed it was, so I asked if he wanted me to tell it to get out. He thought that was a good idea, so I kindly asked the bird to vacate the premises.

"What did the bird say?" I asked when I was done requesting he beat it?

"Hi." I have a feeling the bird is just getting comfortable.

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Windtraveler said...

LOL - he is soooo funny your little chatterbox!!