Mama's Little Helper

Lots of yard work this weekend. Matt did a ton and I managed to fill a few planters with flowers.... at 8:00 tonight, which was the first chance I had. (It all looked pretty good in the dark, but we'll see what I think in day light.) I guess the rest of the flowers I bought will have to wait until next weekend.

It's been impossible to keep the little guy in the house with all this gorgeous weather. So, we let him "work on the flowers to get them ready for planting" (read: scoop dirt out of a pot and scatter in various places) while I pulled all of our pots out of the garage and tried to make sense of all the plants I bought. When will I learn to go flower shopping with a plan? Probably never.

Once landscaping is in a better place, I'll put up some photos of the house. Can you see that color in the background of the photo? Consider that a bit of a sneak preview... On a side note: I can't tell you how many neighbors have come over to comment on how much better the place looks, which is kind, but also lets us know that we were "that" house.

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Anonymous said...

Don't you just love summer!!! jlk