Being Green Stinks (like, literally)

Composting is good. Composting is good. Composting is good. This is what I had to repeat to myself again and again and again this morning when I took our composting out to the bin. No, scratch that, this is what I had to repeat to myself when I opened up the bin and was greeted by the sweet smell of the ape cages at the zoo. It's the only thing I can think to use as a comparison.

I know I'm being good to Mother Earth by composting. But, man, I can't imagine what it's going to smell like come July. Seriously, that is some major funk.

Our goal is to plant a vegetable garden next to the composter and use our own compost to fertilize and feed our little tomatoes and green beans. Sounds sweet, right? I just can't imagine something this smelly coming in contact with something that we will (hopefully) eat.

We're following the composting rules so closely it's freaking (non-rule follower) me out. We've limited it to only fruits, vegetables, egg shells, and coffee grounds from our kitchen. We've added flowers as they die and some grass clippings, but that is it. Nothing with sugar to attract bugs, nothing with salt that might preserve it and slow down the composting process, nothing that is not natural. If a piece of lettuce has dressing on it, it goes into the garbage. This was all supposed to ensure it wouldn't smell and our composting process would be quick and somewhat painless. But, it's slow going. This doesn't look like fertilizer - Just mush.

I'm not complaining... Just looking for some help. Any composting peeps out there that can help a sister out?

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Windtraveler said...

You definitely should email cecelia - she composts and it doesn't smell at all (i've seen it)...from what i hear, it *shouldn't* smell at all...email her and get her 411.