Yes, I Live On The North Shore, But That's Not Why I Think I'm Better Than You

I live on the North Shore. Judge away. I judge people all the time. And, yes, those who know me best know that I tend to get on a superior high horse when it comes to people who I feel are hurtful, selfish, stupid, rude, etc. etc. And, yes, I feel like I am better than those people. (Save the lectures.)

You may not like to hear this, but at least I'm honest. Everyone thinks they're better than *some* people, because if they didn't there would be nothing to strive for. No moral code to uphold. No need to try to be honest, to try to be charitable and kind. We need to compare ourselves to others to strive to be better, to not sink down to that level. Right? (Please, no psychoanalyzing.)

Some people are not smart, do not take responsibility, are scared and selfish. But, a zip code does not create that in people. Check out my new Chicago Moms Blog post for my thoughts on The North Shore Stigma.

Honestly, if I think I'm better than you, it has nothing to do with either of our zip codes and more to do with the type of person you are.

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Stephanie said...

I feel the same. And I really enjoyed your Mom's Blog post. :)